• Oil and gas well site automated monitoring

  • Security drone continuous monitoring

  • Law enforcement drones dispatched to multiple locations

  • Fire dept. use of drones without deployment/recovery training

  • Drone package delivery through kiosk

  • Search and rescue remote, automated, and scalable

  • Check crop health by tapping a screen

  • Delivery to ships/platforms offshore

  • Emergency aid relief

  • Remote poaching monitoring

  • Much more!

Other Applications:


The energy sector is constantly looking for ways to cut expenses. The RDISt truly provides an autonomous cost cutting service across the energy sector. 


For true autonomous drone delivery to be possible, it must contain a bridge between the end user and the drone. The RDISt is that bridge and can be incorporated into virtually any setting.


XWorks is one of a select group of companies dedicating ourselves to answering these vital questions. In the process, we are developing the solutions that will form the essential backbone of commercial drone infrastructure.


There are three basic elements to the drone ecosystem, and we at XWorks are staking our flag on one of the most important...landing pads.


The Robotic Docking and Interchange Station is the only solution that can truly link the global market of drones into a truly autonomous unit.

  • Remote Launch

  • Remote Recovery

  • Auto Charging

  • Hangar (storage of multiple drones)

  • Energy replacement/replenish

  • Payload kiosk

RDISt Abilities:


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The following videos show the RDISt in operation in real life conditions. The RDISt works in real wind with virtually any drone that has vertical take off and landing capability.


True Drone Autonomy